American Alligator Leather Skins

All American Gator offers the finest leather skins in two grades. Grade I and Grade II. See more information on sizing and grading alligator skins. Alligator skins are sold by the centimeter width across the belly for the belly side skin, and widthwise across the back for the hornback side of the skin. For more information on sizing see the video link below. All American Gator Products stocks both salted and finished skins for the wholesale bulk buyer. Please call for bulk sales at 954-894-8003. Leather skins are offered in a variety of colors in both matte and gloss finishes



Grade II skins Grade II Belly Skins


Grade I skins
Grade I Belly Skins Grade I Belly Skins
Grade I Back Skins

Sizing Alligator Skins Video

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